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It gets harder to do the higher up in numbers too, for level 50-60 gear getting to 4 can be lucky, getting to 5 can be a real nightmare.

(btw i cant login to game because of my modem but i can chat on the forums, so feel free to ask a few more questions ^^)

Re: Arcane Transmutor by RyzukaRyzuka, 20 Nov 2010 21:57

I found out what I was doing wrong (finally!). I didn't realize that the jewels could only refine stuff up to a certain level…but now I'm good. :D

Re: Arcane Transmutor by DarkorchidDarkorchid, 20 Nov 2010 15:49
RyzukaRyzuka 18 Nov 2010 07:20
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My internet isnt working atm, trying to get it fixed but might be a few days :-(

FYI by RyzukaRyzuka, 18 Nov 2010 07:20
Re: Off topic chat
DarkorchidDarkorchid 17 Nov 2010 00:43
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So which one are you?

I'm totally a "collector". The more pets, the better. (betcha didn't know you could buy a cat and a chicken pet in Logar, didja?) And I also keep junk just because it looks cool. :D

Re: Off topic chat by DarkorchidDarkorchid, 17 Nov 2010 00:43
Off topic chat
RyzukaRyzuka 14 Nov 2010 01:26
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Off topic chat by RyzukaRyzuka, 14 Nov 2010 01:26
Re: Pictures!
princesswhiskersprincesswhiskers 14 Nov 2010 01:26
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0223101612-00.jpgnow jewel_cross.jpgand what its going to look like when done
Re: Pictures! by princesswhiskersprincesswhiskers, 14 Nov 2010 01:26
Re: Pictures!
rustytankrustytank 14 Nov 2010 01:19
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well notice there's a hole in your dress probably.

Re: Pictures! by rustytankrustytank, 14 Nov 2010 01:19
Re: Pictures!
princesswhiskersprincesswhiskers 13 Nov 2010 23:33
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rusty u are so wrong lmfao but gotta love haveing fun and notice i have my clothes on

Re: Pictures! by princesswhiskersprincesswhiskers, 13 Nov 2010 23:33

That really helps! Thank you! :)

Re: Arcane Transmutor by DarkorchidDarkorchid, 13 Nov 2010 23:28
Re: Pictures!
rustytankrustytank 13 Nov 2010 23:17
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Guild activity in Whisker's house

Re: Pictures! by rustytankrustytank, 13 Nov 2010 23:17
Re: Pictures!
DarkorchidDarkorchid 13 Nov 2010 22:32
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The heat of battle…!

Re: Pictures! by DarkorchidDarkorchid, 13 Nov 2010 22:32
Re: Pictures!
DarkorchidDarkorchid 13 Nov 2010 22:31
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Whisker and my alt (Terenth) dueling. I almost won… :D

Re: Pictures! by DarkorchidDarkorchid, 13 Nov 2010 22:31
Re: Pictures!
princesswhiskersprincesswhiskers 13 Nov 2010 17:47
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LiisPets.jpg whisker(icewitch), liiani, darkorchid(tree), and didwoo (anteater)having fun in nom we are liis pets lol
Re: Pictures! by princesswhiskersprincesswhiskers, 13 Nov 2010 17:47

Make sure the jewel is meant for the item you are refining, as one wont work for the other, then make sure its in the right level range, all of that can be found by mousing over the jewel in the inventory. once you have the right jewel just right click it, and left click the item.regular jewels only go to +6, and the higher you go the greater chance of a failure you will get.

Re: Arcane Transmutor by RyzukaRyzuka, 12 Nov 2010 19:23

Ok, so here's a super-noob question. How do I use star/moon jewels? I know they plus an item, but whenever I click on the item I want to plus, I always get a "This item has reached its maximum refining level". (BTW, I right-clicked the jewel and then clicked the item…maybe I'm doing something wrong.) :D

Re: Arcane Transmutor by DarkorchidDarkorchid, 12 Nov 2010 14:29

There's no in-game map for Dalanis

General Info

Location: Thunderhoof Hills
Access: Snoop or Obsidian Stronghold

Divided into three areas
Each area can be divided into west, center, east

Abandoned District (outermost area)

Sueke Haragen - Daily Quest NPC

Chuanpo Gelan - Daily Quest NPC
Entrance to Dalanis Sewers (sewers lead to DoD)
Sewers Event
Exit to Sternhorn (Baron event)

Pumpkinhead Event NPC
Exit to Carforn (Tonk event)

Dalanis Central District (north from the Abandoned District)

Auction House and Mailbox
Bicks Jenry - trade event rewards for Ancient Mementos
Black Codex merchants ( for more info
Crafting NPCs and tools
Refining NPC
Rohan Tefugai - inside building next to AH, Daily Quest NPC

Access to Abandoned District/Old City District
Herbalism/Alchemy NPCs
Onimer Grey-Eye - General Merchant (potions, etc)

East - Dalanis Dimlane District
Funeral Parlor - quest area
Access to Dalanis Sewers entrance
Night Bar - quest area

Dalanis Old City District (north from Dalanis Central District)

House Maid
Guild Castle Manager
Arina Kaiyinth - teleport to Obsidian Stronghold
East side are the stairs to the Dalanis Grand Palace

Dalanis Grand Palace - quest area

Mini-guide to Dalanis by CupOfNoodlesCupOfNoodles, 09 Nov 2010 19:54
Arcane Transmutor
RyzukaRyzuka 09 Nov 2010 18:56
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Added some formatting :P


In this guide i'm going to show you how to stat out an item with green stats as well as make your higher tier mana stones and make combination runes. Please bear in mind that this guide is meant as an introductory guide to help new players understand the basics of using the AT not as a be all to end all guide to stating/tiering/runemaking.

Before i begin let me inform you that each item has a total of 6 slots not including ghost stats or rune slots
. Ghost stats and rune slot stats DO NOT carry over if you decide to make a mana stone out of an item with existing stats on it.

Also keep in mind when stating out items if you it looks like the item will have more than 6 named stats on it that the game only lets the item keep the 6 LOWEST stats .ie higher lvl stats get bumped off if there isnt room.

When looking for items you want to stat out, my advice to you is to ONLY stat out items that have no stats on them to begin with and have over 100 durability(overdura) that way you dont have to waste golden repair hammers to gain the +20% power modifier.
(if you have the advanced auction mod installed when looking thru item categories you can put $clean and $dura in the filter boxes to have it only Search for clean over dura items).


** Epidemic Stats referenced in this guide have now been renamed Stormstrike in game.

Dirty Stats: Green stats with names next to them for example Epidemic X, Stamina I, Strength I , Energy I. these stats DO count against the total on an item and each one uses one slot. ( ie:any green stat that isnt a ghost stat.)

Ghost Stats: Stats gained by refining items with jewels OR that come on some crafted and dropped items in instances by default. these stats do NOT have a name next to them on the right side of the item and they DO NOT count against the total stats for the they dont take any slots.

Clean Stats: Yellow stats that usually have two stats for each one name for example Barbarian has strength and physical attack, these stats are usually found on set items, crafted items or instance drops.each one of these counts for 1 slot but since they have two stats per one name you can fit 12 of these on an item, it's the ideal way to stat out your gear if you plan on keeping it for a LONG time as it does get expensive. There are also Orange stats that count as clean stats too but they only drop off of the demonlord instance in the volcano zone so far, each one of these has 3 stats per name so you can fit up to 18 stats on an item using these.

Fusion Stones: Stones bought either from the enchanting vendor in towns or off of auction house that contain from 1 to 3 green stats on them usually lvl 1 higher lvl stats on fusion stones is a rarity.And to my knowledge only gained thru buying random fusion stones.These stones are used along with stated items to make mana stones.

Mana Stones: Stones created by transmuting Fusion stones and items with stats on them together using the arcane transmutor and then used to either make higher tiered mana stones or stat out an item.Keep in mind the tier of the item you transmute your fusion stone with will indicate the tier of the mana stone you will make, ie Tier 3 is the most commonly used.

Arcane Transmutor: Device unlocked in varanas at lvl 10 that comes with 10 charges which you will use to transmute items to make mana stones and to stat out your items, tier them out and make runes, each use takes charges which can be obtained thru daily tokens at the rate of 30 per 1 charge from the NPC in varanas that originally unlocks it , OR 300 for 10 from the item shop or 29 diamonds for 10 from the item shop as well. On average if you make the mana stones yourself to stat out an item each item is going to cost you 4 charges 3 to make the mana stones and one to put the stats from the mana stones on said item.

Now onto the actual guide part of this post :P

Dirty stating an item

Or as some call it Green stating an item, or junk stating.
(keep in mind this is assuming you have an item with no stats on it to begin with and that this item is overdurability ie over 100 durability).

1. Purchase 3 fusion stones with matching stats on them , ( if using advanced auction mod you can put Fusion Stone into the search box and each of these stats into the filter box to have it search for fusion stones with ONLY these stats on them for example Strength I, Stamina I and Dexterity I which i will be referencing these stats for the rest of this guide).

2. Purchase 3 items with single green stats on them that are all tier 3. For the purposes of this guide i will be using Epidemic IX , Epidemic X and Physique IX(once again if you have advanced auction you can put these stats into the filter boxes check the or boxes next to the 2nd and 3rd ones and leave the search field blank and go thru each item category one at a time to find your items with stats on them.) The reason i chose these stats is because they're relatively cheap to purchase and i have experience stating out a rogue/scout so substitute you're classes stats where needed .

3. Open the arcane transmutor and place one fusion stone in one of the four boxes around the middle box, then place one of the single green stated items into the middle, i'm going to use the item with Epidemic X on it for this example. There should now be a tier 3 mana stone show up in the preview box that has Strength I , Dexterity I, Stamina I, and Epidemic X on it. Click confirm and make your mana stone.

4. Repeat this process with the remaining two fusion stones and the remaining two items until you have a total of 3 tier 3 mana stones. that should look like this : All should have Strength I, Dexterity I and Stamina I on them, one should have these stats + epidemic X on it, another should have them + epidemic IX on it, and the last one should have them +Physique IX on it.

5. Place the 3 tier mana stones into the transmutor in the boxes surrounding the middle one and the item you wish to stat out into the middle box, the item that is in the middle box should show up in the preview box with the following stats on it, Strength I , stamina I, Dexterity I,Epidemic IX , Physique IX , and Epidemic X. Confirm and you have your item.

Now as stated above these stats were purely used for the example substitute your needed stats if they are different, the overall premise remains the same tho .

Creating higher Tier mana stones to Tier out an item

The whole concept of tiering only applies to weapons and armor not accessories or trinkets because when you tier out an item ie increase its tier level , the base attack and mattack on weapons increase and the phys/magic Def on armor increases , since accessories and trinkets have none of these its useless to tier them out beyond whatever tier mana stones you use to put stats on them in the first place.

This process assumes you've read the first part of this guide and know how to create tier 3 mana stones, if not go back an read it.
Also please bear in mind this example is to give you a basic understanding of how to tier something out NOT a be all to end all.

1. Create 3 tier 3 mana stones with matching stats on them clean dirty etc doesnt matter, however if they're clean you may wanna make 3 stones with 12 stats on them instead.

2. Throw these 3 stones into the arcane transmutor together and a tier 4 mana stone with all the stats the tier 3 stones had on them should show up(this is why i said to make them match so you still only have 6 slots worth of stats for when you eventually use them on the item you want tiered out).Confirm and you have your tier 4 mana stone, repeat this process two more times with the same stats you had on your first 3 tier 3 mana stones to gain 2 more tier 4 mana stones, and then you can make them into a tier 5 mana stone, and so on until tier 9.

Thats basicly it to tiering all you do when you reach the desired tier of stone and have 3 of them with matching stats is transmute those stones with the item you want tiered out and it will make the item whatever tier mana stone you have used + add the stats you have on those stones to that item.

Rune Forging

This is cake , all you have to do is find two runes of the same lvl that will actually transmute into a combo rune or another rune of the type desired and transmute them, OR if you want to make your runes higher level before doing this, you get 5 of the same lvl rune and turn them into one of the next lvl up rune.

Now for those that need a more detailed explanation i'm going to use resistance III and endurance III runes in my example.

1. Put the resistance III and endurance III runes in the outside boxes of the arcane transmutor , an atonement III rune will show up in the preview box which is a two stat rune. confirm and you've made your rune.

2. Leveling up a rune : take 5 resistance III runes stacked and put them into the arcane transmutor , a resistance IV rune will show up in the preview, confirm and you've made your resistance IV rune.

3. Also when rune forging combo runes if i had 5 of each of the runes in my example, the transmutor would have then made 5 atonement III runes at once, however it would have cost me 5 charges.

Here is a link to the runeforging tables on romwiki for reference:

Arcane Transmutor by RyzukaRyzuka, 09 Nov 2010 18:56
Re: Pictures!
DarkorchidDarkorchid 09 Nov 2010 02:16
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Hardcore and me in the monster parade. :)

Re: Pictures! by DarkorchidDarkorchid, 09 Nov 2010 02:16


1) Minimum level is 54

2) Download the latest TonkManager addon

3) All raids take place in Thunderhoof Hills

4) Type /join THEvents exactly to join the raid channel

5) type !t or sometimes !s to join the raid

6) type !!t, or !!s, to leave the queue

7) Show up at least 10 minutes before the raid starts for rolecall (RC)
If you are not present during rolecall and do not inform the raid leader, you will get kicked from the raid and get no rewards
If there are a lot of people in queue, you can get kicked 30 seconds after rolecall if you are not present/responsive

8) Pay attention to the raid leader's instructions

9) Do not argue or harass the raid leader EVER. You will get blacklisted, sometimes permanently, from future raids

Sewers Raid/Dalanis
You get up to 26 coins per raid
30 coins = 17 mentos

Tonk Raid/Carforn
18 White Pearls/raid
30 White Pearls = 20 mentos

Baron Raid/Sternhorn
15 Black Pearls
30 Black Pearls = 25 mentos

Standing in different spots affects how many rewards you get
Moving around a lot can lower the reward amount
Arriving after the raid starts lowers the reward amount
People that are not in the raid killing raid mobs lowers the raid amount for location of Black Codex merchants

Mentos Raiding by CupOfNoodlesCupOfNoodles, 08 Nov 2010 18:34 - official US forums, more info, almost no GM involvement - Official EU forums, less info, more GM involvement - The Curse RoM wiki - 90% quest info/walkthroughs, have to use search function to find anything - mostly quest info, stops at about Aotulia Volcano, often lacks walkthrough info - AddOns - RoM database site, not updated (3.0.3), sometimes invaluable comments - another RoM database site, updated (3.0.5), no comments - Siege War database site

General Resources by CupOfNoodlesCupOfNoodles, 08 Nov 2010 17:44
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